Our company.

Domocontrol is  a company in the integration of new technologies of the habitat. We are able to respond to electricity projects and home automation. We follow our projects from the feasibility to implementation and the follow-up on site, the new or retrofit.

Our expertise in high-end project, residential or tertiary, has allowed us to win the trust of building professionals in France and abroad, in various sectors:




The technologies in the residential are designed to bring to its users, comfort, safety while optimizing the energy saving.

All of our projects integrate home automation solutions enabling their users to manage their homes intelligently.



In the hotel business intelligent management brings enormous services in the management of rooms, common areas and meeting rooms. A custom interface to interact on curtains, light, temperature and audiovisual …

Offer your clients the best they can be, while respecting essential criteria: discretion, simplicity and comfort of use.


Boutiques et restaurants

Sound, video and lighting are important elements to create an ambience in a restaurant or shop, for the pleasure of your customers

Meeting room, energy management, see safety of your buildings. We have solutions for all types of tertiary projects.

Our solutions.

Domocontrol a company specializing in high-quality electrical equipment and home automation integration.

Home automation and electrical installations.

Domocontrol is able to respond to electrical installations for your projects. Working with prestigious brands will bring our know-how in the domotic technologies, choice of electrical equipment and architectural lighting.

Touch screens, smartphones / tablets, you can remotely and locally control all your functions: lighting, blinds, temperature, music and security.

A combination of pre-programmed functions will provide ambiances for absolute comfort.

Lighting and electrical equipments.

Domocontrol supports from the study to the choice of different types of lighting. A combination of light, you will sublimate your salon, painting, garden …

Our management systems will allow you to vary your luminaires for your comfort.

We have a large wide of electrical equipment  that will be associated with your interior decoration.


Domocontrol offers audiovisual solutions from simple homecinema, to the private home-theater or even high fidelity system.

Intelligent solutions allowing a global audiovisual distribution on all your equipment.

Our solutions also adapt to the exteriors to sublimate your gardens.


Domocontrol will accompany you on all the security solutions: Intrusion alarm and access control. Video surveillance with report on smarpthone.

But also intercom with remote call communication.

A combination of pre-programmed functions will provide ambiances for absolute comfort.


Domocontrol will respond to your requests for IT management, deploying wifi systems allowing a smooth and total coverage.

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